Conference: “Metaphysics as Science in Classical German Philosophy” (July 17-18, 2021)

We are glad to give notice of the conference Metaphysics as Science in Classical German Philosophy, which will be held on July 16th-17th, 2021. The conference is organized by Robb Dunphy (University College Dublin) and Toby Lovat (University of Brighton) and will take place on Zoom.

The link to join the streaming session is the following:

For further information you can also visit the event website.

Below you find the program of the conference.


Schedule: Times are provided in Irish Standard/British Summer Time (UTC+1:00) 

July 16th
9:50 – Introductory Remarks
10:00 – Dino Jakuŝić (Warwick): Wolff on Ontology as Primary Philosophy.
​11:00 – Catherine Wilson (York): The empiricists’ challenge and Kant’s attempted reconstruction of a ‘scientific’ metaphysics
12:00 – Break
12:15: Gabriele Gava (Turin): Can metaphysics become a science, according to Kant?
13:15 – Lunch Break
14:15 – Courtney Fugate (AUB): Baumgarten on the Nature and Role of Metaphysics
15:15 – Elise Frketich (Purdue): Reinhold on the Deduction of the Categories
16:15 – Break
16:30 – Katherine Dunlop (Texas at Austin): Kant and Lambert on Geometry and Metaphysics
17:30 – 
Michael Olson (Marquette): A Kantian Chiasmus: The Science of Metaphysics and the Metaphysics of Science

July 17th
10:00 – Kienhow Goh (Singapore): The I and I: The Pure and the Empirical Subject in Fichte’s Science of Science
11:00 – Karin de Boer (Leuven)/Gesa Wellmann (Wuppertal): Kant, Reinhold, and the Problem of Scientificity
12:00 – Break
12:15 – Dietmar Heidemann (Luxembourg): Two models of critique of metaphysics: Kant and Hegel
13:15 – Lunch Break
14:15 – G. Anthony Bruno (Royal Holloway): Quietism, Dialetheism, and the Three Moments of Hegel’s Logic
15:15 – Benjamin Berger (Haverford): The Science of All Science and the Unity of the Faculties: Schelling’s Idea of Philosophy
16:15 – Break
16:30 – 
Nicholas Stang (Toronto): Metaphysics as Wissenschaftslehre: Why the German Idealists were right, after all


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