Conference: “Classical German Idealism and Phenomenology” (St. Petersburg, September 13-17)

We are pleased to announce the international conference on “Classical German Idealism and Phenomenology”, which will be held at the St. Petersburg State University (Russia), on September 13-17, 2015.



As follows from the name, the conference will be dealing with the thought of the main representatives of the classical German idealism in so far as it is connected with the phenomenological thought. The objectives of the conference include, among others, an attempt to make sense of the noteworthy parallelism in the development of the German idealism and phenomenology: from essentialism and subjective idealism to the problem of being and facticity. A special focus will be given to the possibility of making a productive use in phenomenology of the branch of idealism which was identified by Husserl as “Romantic idealism” (Hegel, Schelling). Remarkably, the founder of contemporary phenomenology himself did not deny the significance of this branch of idealism for phenomenology.

The event brings together more than 20 distinguished researchers from different countries.

Languages of the conference are English and German.

The conference is organized by the Journal ‘‘Horizon. Studies in Phenomenology’’ (Institute of Philosophy, St. Petersburg State University), with the participation of the Central-European Institute of Philosophy at the Charles University and the Institute of philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences (Prague, Czech Republic).


September 13

Arrival of the participants

September 14

Chair: Georgy Chernavin (Moscow)

9:45–10:00 Conference Opening: Welcome address

10:00–11:20 Karel Novotný (Prague): Selbst und Leib. Auseinandersetzungen mit dem klassischen Idealismus bei Husserl und Levinas

11:20–12:40 Alexander Schnell (Paris): Zum systematischen Erbe der Klassischen Deutschen Philosophie in der transzendentalen Phänomenologie (unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Realitätsbegriffs)

12:40–14:00 Lunch break

Chair: Natalia Artemenko (St. Petersburg)

14:00–14:45 Andrei Patkul (St. Petersburg): Das Außer-sich-Sein bei Schelling und Heidegger

14:45–15:30 Alexey Savin: Phänomenologische Interpretation von “theologischen Jugendschriften” Hegels

15:30–16:15 Yusuke Ikeda (Kyoto): Kant-Interpretation bei Fink

16:15–16:45 Coffee-break

Chair: Andrei Patkul (St. Petersburg)

16:45–17:30 Alexei Krioukov (St. Petersburg): Transzendentale Erfahrung als gedankliches Experiment

17:30–18:15 Guillermo Ferrer (Wuppertal): An den Grenzen der Selbsterscheinung. Phänomenologische Essays über die Faktizität des Selbstbewusstseins

18:30 Welcome Dinner

September 15

Chair: Andrey Lavrukhin (St. Petersburg)

10:00–11:20 Dominique Pradelles (Paris): Kantische und phänomenologische Bedeutung der kopernikanischen Wendung

11:20–12:40 Andrew Haas (Moscow): What is a Problem?

12:40–14:00 Lunch break

Chair: Alexei Krioukov (St. Petersburg)

14:00–14:45 Georgy Chernavin (Moscow): Der Übrigbleibsel des guten Sinns: Die Philosophie Kants und Husserls im Lichte der poststrukturalistischen Kritik

14:45–15:30 Michela Summa (Würzburg/Heidelberg): Towards a transcendental account of creativity. Kant and Merleau-Ponty on the creative power of judgment and creativity as institution

15:30–16:15 Natalia Artemenko (St. Petersburg): Einige Bemerkungen zur Heideggers Kantinterpretation

16:15–16:45 Coffee-break

Chair: Michela Summa (Würzburg/Heidelberg)

16:45–17:30 Andrei Lavruhin (St. Petersburg): Das Politische in der Phänomenologie und Deutscher Idealismus

17:30–18:15 Simona Bertolini (Parma): Einige Bemerkungen über Finks Interpretation der Phänomenologie des Geistes und Hegels Einfluss auf die Weltphilosophie

18:15–19:00 Mikhail Belousov (Moscow): Zum Begriff der Selbstentfremdung: Husserl und Hegel

September 16

Cultural Programm

September 17



The main conference venue is located at Shpalernaya st., 37 A in the building of the ITAR TASS Press-centre.
The conference will run all day on Monday and Tuesday.


A leaflet containing the abstracts (‘‘Book of Abstracts’’) will be distributed during the conference.


The Editorial Board of the journal ‘‘Horizon. Studies in phenomenology’’ is planning to edit a special issue of the journal devoted to the proceedings of the conference.
All the participants are asked to submit the original texts (not published previously) of their conference papers no later than on October 1, 2015.

For detailed information concerning formatting guidelines, please consult the website of the journal:


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Below you can find the pdf versions of the conference program:

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