CFP: Special Issue “Borders, Races, Gender and Labor in Kantian Philosophy” (Con-Textos Kantianos)

We are glad to give notice that a call for papers of Con-Textos Kantianos. International Journal of Philosophy on the topic Borders, Races, Gender and Labor in Kantian Philosophy is now open.

The deadline for submissions is 22nd April 2024.

You can find the text of the call below.


We invite submissions for a special dossier on the topic “Borders, Races, Gender and Labor in Kantian Philosophy” to be published on occasion of the Tricentenary of Immanuel Kant’s birth. This dossier aims at reassessing Kant’s contributions to the foundation of modern social perspectives on republican, social, and liberal policies. We welcome articles that explore the intersections of these themes in Kant’s philosophy, as well as their relevance to contemporary debates in political philosophy, critical race theory, gender studies, social justice, and labor rights. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

1. Kant’s racial theories and unity/diversity of human nature within his anthropology and moral philosophy, including the debate between R. Bernasconi and P. Kleingeld positions, as well as Charles Mill’s “Black Radical Kantianism” and Achille Mbembe’s “Critique of Black Reason”;

2. Consequences of Kantian proposals on sexuality and gender, in dialogue with contemporary interpretations, especially within the scope of Feminist and Queer critique;

3. Kant’s views on labor and their implications for contemporary debates on work, gender, migration, and the various forms of exploitation (e.g., slavery, serfdom, and forced labor);

4. The legitimacy and function of national borders, control of population movements, and freedom of migration in Kant’s republicanism, federalism, and cosmopolitanism, for example, from the perspective of the Critical Theory and Social Philosophy;

5. The relationship between race, gender, labor, and borders in Kant’s political thought, considering its possible connections to anti-discrimination law and intersectionality in general;

6. The relevance of Kant’s philosophy for contemporary debates on racial capitalism, colonialism (including issues related to post-colonial and neo-colonial international relations), sexism and imperialism.

We welcome submissions from scholars working on philosophy, political theory, critical race studies, genre studies, labor studies, critical theory and social philosophy, and related fields. Articles should be no longer than 12,000 words and should follow the journal’s guidelines for formatting and citation (see

Articles can be written in Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese. The deadline for submissions is April 22, 2024. Please send queries related to the special dossier to the guest editors Laura Herrero Olivera (; Paulo R. Jesus (

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