CFP: Leibniz in German Idealism. Problems and Perspectives

We are happy to give notice that a Call for Papers for a planned collective volume on Leibniz in German Idealism. Problems and Perspectives is now open.

The deadline for the submission is May 31th, 2021.

Below you can find the text of the call.


In spite of Kant’s rigorous critique of the Leibniz-Wolffian metaphysics, questions about the systematical role central configurations of Leibniz’ philosophy play not only in early Kant but also in the idealist systems of Fichte, Hegel, and Schelling cannot be neglected. What connections can be traced, e.g., between Leibniz’ Monadology on the one hand and Fichte’s Doctrine of Science, Schelling’s conception of a philosophy of nature, Hegel’s speculative logics, or the overall idealist claim for systematicity on the other hand? And what continuities can be identified between the metaphysical-theological problem of a theodicy and the philosophies of religion and history in German Idealism? What common issues can be found between Leibniz’ search for an encyclopedic philosophy and Hegel’s project of an Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences? In what respect are Leibniz’ – also politically relevant – conceptions of perspectivity and of an ontologically founded reflexivity and (inter-) subjectivity present in central configurations of German Idealism?

It is the aim of the planned volume to examine these and other relevant questions both historically and systematically, and, by that, to meet an urgent desideratum of contemporary research on German Idealism.

Abstracts of around 500 words dealing with systematically significant and original aspects of the outlined complex can be submitted until May 31st, 2021 to:

Propositions – and future essays – are possible both in German and English.

The selected contributors will be informed about the further procedures and steps of the publication as soon as possible.


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