Cfc: Australasian Philosophical Review, vol. 2 issue 2: Robert Pippin’s Reanimation of Hegel’s Philosophy

We are glad to inform that a call for commentaries on Robert Pippin, Reading Hegel for Australasian Philosophical Review is open.


Theme: Robert Pippin’s Reanimation of Hegel’s Philosophy

Lead Author: Robert Pippin, “Reading Hegel”

Curator: Paul Redding

Invited commentaries from: Markus Gabriel, James Kreines, Christopher

Committee: Paul Redding, Simon Lumsden, Heikki Ikäheimo


Abstracts should be brief (100-500 words), stating clearly the aspects of the target article that will be discussed, together with an indication of the line that will be taken.

Deadline for abstract submissions: 22th May 2018.


Invitations to write commentaries of 2000-3000 words will be issued on 5th June 2018.

Full-length commentaries will be due on 31st July 2018.


To view the article you must register as an online commentator with the APR.

For more information, including the online submission form for abstracts, please check the APR website.

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