Call for Papers: The Society for German Idealism Meeting (Vancouver, April 1-5, 2015)

The Society for German Idealism announces a Call for Papers for the meeting which will take place in Vancouver (Canada), on April 1-5, 2015, in conjunction with the Pacific APA (American Philosophical Association).

Submissions must include the following items:
(1) word count – 3000 words maximum;
(2) author’s name;
(3) academic status (professor, unaffiliated, graduate student);
(4) highest earned degree (BA, MA, PhD);
(5) institutional affiliation (if any);
(6) mailing address;
(7) email address;
(8) telephone number;
(9) the paper’s title;
(10) an abstract – 100 words maximum.
This information must be included in the body of the email and on the first page of the paper.

Papers should be sent as an attachment, in Microsoft Word (.doc), Rich Text Format (.rtf), or Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf) to, before September 1.
Attachments should be labelled as follows: YourLastName_YourFirstName – for example, Hegel_Georg.doc
Papers will be reviewed by a committee. Three papers will be selected for presentation, and each paper will have a commentator.

Please, see the links below for further information:

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