Two Workshops on Imagination at Padua University

Two Workshops on Imagination

10th,11th,12th December 2013
University of Padua, Sala Stefanini


What is imagination? How does it work? How does it relate to perception and to knowledge? What is it to imagine?
Philosophical thought on imagination has in Kant a formidable contributor and has taken a variety of directions in contemporary philosophy.
The two workshops present outstanding research on both Kant’s understanding of imagination and recent developments in epistemology, phenomenology and aesthetics.

Below the program (ita):



10 Dicembre, 15:00
Sala Stefanini, Incontro introduttivo
a cura di A. Altobrando, E. Caldarola, M. Carrara, V. Morato, G. Tomasi


Parte I Prospettive kantiane

Aula: Sala Stefanini

• 11 Dicembre 9:00: Saluti ed introduzione ai lavori

• 11 Dicembre, 9:15: Sorin Baiasu (Keele University), Imagination and Transcendental Method

• 11 Dicembre, 10:30 Rolf-Peter Horstmann (Humboldt Universität, Berlin), Imagination and the Constitution of Objects

• 11 Dicembre 12:00: Gian Luigi Paltrinieri (Università Ca’ Foscari), Immaginazione e Somiglianza in Kant


Parte II – Prospettive Epistemologiche, Fenomenologiche ed Estetiche

Aula: Sala Stefanini (11 Dic.), Sala Giacon (12 Dic.)

• 11 Dicembre, 15:30: Dominic Gregory (University of Sheffield), Imagination, Perception and Modal Knowledge

• 11 Dicembre, 17:00pm: Julia Jansen (University of Cork), The Problem of Imagination in Phenomenologies of Perception

• 12 Dicembre, 9:00: Kathleen Stock (University of Sussex), Free Indirect Discourse and Imagining from the Inside



Comitato scientifico ed organizzativo: Andrea Altobrando, Massimiliano Carrara, Elisa Caldarola, Vittorio Morato, Gabriele Tomasi.
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by Elisa Caldarola

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