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Course: Prof. Graham Priest, “Dialetheism and the History of (Western) Philosophy

We are pleased to announce the course Dialetheism and the History of (Western) Philosophy at the University of Padua, which will be held by professor Graham Priest (CUNY/ University of Melbourne).

Dialetheism and the History of (Western) Philosophy

1. Paraconsistent Logic (14 June 2016, 15.30-18.30, Sala delle Edicole, ingresso arco Valaresso)

In this class we will look at paraconsistent logics (logics which tolerate contradictions). We will look at the history of such logics, and some of the basic ideas involved in them. This will involve a little formal logic, but not much.

2. Dialetehesim (15 June 2016, 15-18, Sala delle Edicole, ingresso arco Valaresso)

In this class we will look at the possibility that some contradictions are true (dialetheism), the arguments against it, and some of the arguments for it.

3. Hegel (16 June 2016, 10-13, aula FILM, primo piano Palazzo del Capitanio)

Interpretations of Hegel vary. However, he is arguably the most notable dialetheist in the history of Western philosophy. In this class, we will look at his thought from the perspective of modern dialetheism.

4. The Limits of Thought (16 June 2016, 15-18, aula FILM, primo piano Palazzo del Capitanio)

In this class we will look at one of the most important places where dialetheism seems to appear in philosophy: where a position holds that there are some things that go beyond language, and explains why—in the process, engendering contradiction.

5. Heidegger (17 June 2016, 10-13, aula DIANO, palazzo Liviano)

In this class we will look in detail at one of the philosophers for whom this situation arises: Heidegger, in his wrestling with the problem of being. We will see that he should have been a dialetheist—and perhaps that towards the end of his life actually became one.

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