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Talks: Robert Brandom – “A Spirit of Trust: Five-Part Lecture Series on Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit” (Leipzig, December 14-16)

We are glad to announce the first part of the lecture series on Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit “A Spirit of Trust” by Robert Brandom (Pittsburgh), which will be held at the University of Leipzig, on December 14-16, 2015. The title of this first part is “Knowing and Representing: Reading (between the lines of) Hegel’s Introduction to the Phenomenology.


Five-Part Lecture Series on Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit (at the University of Leipzig, Germany)

Robert Brandom explains what we can still learn from Hegel today. He brings Hegel’s ideas fruitfully to bear on current action theory, metaphysics, social ontology and philosophy of language. The lecture series begins in December 2015 with the first part, which comprises three lectures:

Part I – Knowing and Representing: Reading (between the lines of) Hegel’s Introduction to the Phenomenology

14. 12. 2015: Conceptual Realism and the Semantic Possibility of Knowledge

15. 12. 2015: Representation and the Experience of Error: A Functionalist Approach to the Distinction between Appearance and Reality

16. 12. 2015: Following the Path of Despair to a Bacchanalian Revel: The Emergence of the Second, True, Object

The series will continue in June 2016 with the second part, entitled “Mediating the Immediate: Consciousness and the Inferential Articulation of Determinate Empirical Content”. Three further parts are to follow (temporary titles are: “Self-Consciousness and Recognition”, “Hegel’s Expressive Metaphysics of Agency”, “From Irony to Trust: The Spirit Chapter of Hegel’s Phenomenology”).

Here you can find the poster of the event.

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