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New Release: Marjan Ivković, Adriana Zaharijević, Gazela Pudar Draško, “Violence and Reflexivity The Place of Critique in the Reality of Domination” (Rawman & Littlefield, 2022)

We are glad to give notice of the relase of the volume Violence and Reflexivity The Place of Critique in the Reality of Domination, edited by Marjan Ivković, Adriana Zaharijević, Gazela Pudar Draško (Rawman & Littlefield, 2022).

From the publisher’s website:

Addressing the relationship among social critique, violence, and domination, Violence and Reflexivity: The Place of Critique in the Reality of Domination examines a critique of violent and unjust social arrangements that transcends the Enlightenment/postmodern opposition. This critique surpasses the “reflexive violence” of classical enlightenment universalism without committing the “violence of reflexivity” by negating any possibility of collective radical social engagement. The unifying thread of the collection, edited by Marjan Ivković, Adriana Zaharijević, and Gazela Pudar-Draško, is a sensitivity to the field of tension created by these extremes, especially for the issue of how to articulate a non-violent critique that is nevertheless “militant,” in the sense that it creates a rupture in an institutionalized order of violence. In Part One, the contributors examine the theoretical resources that help us move beyond the reflexive violence of the classical Enlightenment social critique in our quest for justice and non-domination. Part Two brings together nuanced attempts to reconsider the dominant modern understandings of violence, subjectivity, and society without succumbing to the violence of reflexivity that characterizes radically anti-Enlightenment standpoints.

Table of contents:


Introduction (Marjan Ivković, Adriana Zaharijević and Gazela Pudar-Draško)

Part One: Reflexive Violence: Critique, Negativity, and Contingency

Chapter One: Violence of the Concept in Hegel (Zdravko Kobe)

Chapter Two: Subjectivity and Violence: A Hegelian Perspective (Luca Illetterati)

Chapter Three: Against Autonomy: Freedom as Heteronomy without Servitude (Vladimir Safatle)

Chapter Four: The Ethics and Politics of Nonviolence (Judith Butler)

Part Two: Violence of Reflexivity: Practicing Critique Today

Chapter Five: Violence of Critique (Predrag Krstić)

Chapter Six: Critique as a Microphysics of Freedom: A Disposition beyond the Dispositive (Gaetano Chiurazzi)

Chapter Seven: Violence and the Apocalypse: Beyond the Hobbesian Vision (Siniša Malešević)

Chapter Eight: The Police: Instituting Violence (Petar Bojanić and Gazela Pudar-Draško)

Chapter Nine: Emancipation of Women vs. Misogyny (Sanja Bojanić)


About the Contributors

New Release: Marjan Ivković, Adriana Zaharijević, Gazela Pudar Draško, "Violence and Reflexivity The Place of Critique in the Reality of Domination" (Rawman & Littlefield, 2022)

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