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hpd – Holidays: Luca Corti, “The ‘Is’ and the ‘Ought’ of the Animal Organism: Hegel’s Account of Biological Normativity” («History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences volume», 44, 17/2022)

hegelpd takes a summer holiday. In this period we will be sharing recent essays and reviews by our research group. 


We are pleased to share the essay The ‘Is’ and the ‘Ought’ of the Animal Organism: Hegel’s Account of Biological Normativity, by Luca Corti, published in «History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences» (44, 17/2022).


Here below you can find the abstract of the text:

This paper investigates Hegel’s account of the animal organism as it is presented in the Philosophy of Nature, with a special focus on its normative implications. I argue that the notion of “organisation” is fundamental to Hegel’s theory of animal normativity. The paper starts by showing how a Hegelian approach takes up the scientific image of organism and assigns a basic explanatory role to the notion of “organisation” in its understanding living beings. Moving from this premise, the paper turns to the group of accounts in contemporary theoretical biology known as “organisational accounts” (OA), which offer a widely debated strategy for naturalizing teleology and normativity in organisms. As recent scholarship recognizes, these accounts explicitly rely on insights from Kant and Post-Kantianism. I make the historical and conceptual argument that Hegel’s view of the organism shares several basic commitments with OAs, especially regarding the notion of “organisational closure”. I assess the account of normativity that such accounts advance and its implications for how we approach Hegel. Finally, I argue that the notion of “organisation” is more fundamental to Hegel’s theory of animal normativity than the Aristotelian notion of “Gattung” or “species”, which by contrast appears derivative – at least in the Philosophy of Nature and the Lectures – and does not play the central role in his account maintained by some scholars.


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