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«Resistances. Journal of the Philosophy of History»: “Legal, Economic, and Political in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right” (2 (4), 2021)

We are glad to give notice of the new issue of «Reistances. Journal of the Philosophy of History»: Legal, Economic, and Political in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right (2 (4), 2021).

Guest Editors of this issue are Pablo Pulgar Moya (Universidad Católica Raúl Silva Henríquez, Chile), Héctor Ferreiro (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Argentina/Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas de Argentina).

You can download the full issue at this link.

Below the table of contents.


Pablo Pulgar Moya, Héctor Ferreiro – Presentation of the Dossier: Legal, Economic and Political in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

Ana María Miranda Mora – Antecedents of the Theory of Crime and Punishment in the Elements of the Philosophy of Right

Sergio Pérez Cortés – Crime and Punishment in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

Félix Duque – Habit and Conflict in Hegel

Giulia Battistoni – Hegel’s Morality and the Legal Concepts of Dolus Indirectus and Culpa

Pablo Pulgar Moya – The Care of Right as the Administration of Justice in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

Klaus Vieweg – Right and Duty. Restrictions on Freedom?

Esteban Mizrahi – The Hegelian Understanding of Crime

María del Rosario Acosta López – Disappearance and Terror: Hegel’s Critique of the Positive Violence of Right

Héctor Ferreiro – The Value and Dignity of the Individual in Hegel’s Political Thought

Friedrike Schick – The Economy of Civil Society and the Formation of the Civil Subject. Outlines of the Philosophy of Right, §§187-200

Erzsébet Rózsa – The Hegelian Theory of Modern Economics

Angelo Narváez León – State against Capital. Comments on the Function of Economy in the Hegelian Philosophy of World History

Márcio Egídio Schäfer – Political Economy and the Question of Freedom: Notes on Hegel and Marx

General section

Dennis Stromback – Epistemological resistances and the search for alternatives to modernity in intellectual history

Paula Franco – Transitional Justice comes to the House: different political times, different expectations

Michel Silva – The pandemic and the writing of the History of Present Time

«Reistances. Journal of the Philosophy of History»: "Legal, Economic, and Political in Hegel's Philosophy of Right (2 (4), 2021)

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