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New Release: Sean J. McGrath, “The Philosophical Foundations of the Late Schelling” (Edinburgh University Press, 2021)

We are glad to give notice of the release of the volume The Philosophical Foundations of the Late Schelling. The Turn to the Positive by Sean J. McGrath (Edinburgh University Press, 2021).

From the publisher’s website:

A defence of the rationality and rigour of the late Schelling’s visionary philosophy of religion

  • A major new effort to organise and evaluate Schelling’s arguments for a Philosophy of Revelation and to demonstrate their importance for contemporary debates
  • Finds in largely unexamined texts of the late Schelling new resources for critiquing rationalism, reductive naturalism, and posthumanism
  • Will appeal to the many scholars in various fields working on political eschatology in the works of Benjamin, Taubes, Rosenzweig, Derrida, Žižek, Moltmann and Levinas

Schelling’s positive philosophy has long been recognised as the historical root of Marxism, existentialism, and other central trends in continental philosophy, but its main argument has never been fully elaborated as a tenable philosophical strategy for thinking Christianity forward into its future. According to McGrath, Schelling’s late turn to speculative theological realism (the positive) is neither fideistic nor arbitrary, but rather the consequence of the free decision of the philosopher who has soberly assessed the results of logic, nature-philosophy and historical-critical and systematic theology.


New Release: Sean J. McGrath, “The Philosophical Foundations of the Late Schelling” (Edinburgh University Press, 2021)

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