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New release: «Studi Kantiani» (XXX, 2017)

We are pleased to announce the publication of the 2017 volume of «Studi Kantiani».

The issue contains the following contributions:

Paul GuyerKant and the Autonomy of Reason. An Interview by Luigi Filieri; 9

Marcus WillaschekKant on Real Conditioning; 29
Giuliana MancusoEtica come guida per l’azione ed etica come conoscenza; 45
Paolo ValoreOntologia e strategie di ordinamento: una soluzione kantiana; 63
Leonardo Rodríguez DupláEl Cristo de Kant; 75

Lucy Allais, Empirical Concepts, the Role of Intuition, and the Poverty of Conceptual Truth; 99
Robert Hanna, Richer Than You Think: Kant, Conceptual Truth, and the Discursive Structure of the Manifest World; 115
Giuseppe MottaOne Step? Two Steps? Reflections on R. L. Anderson’s The Poverty of Conceptual Truth;123
Lanier AndersonOn the Two-Step Interpretation of Kant’s Dialectical Strategy in Theoretical Philosophy: Replies to Allais, Hanna, and Motta; 129

Juan Adolfo BonacciniTwo Recent Accounts of Kant’s Conception of Miracles; 155

Graham BirdHenry Allison’s Survey of Kant’s Transcendental Deduction; 171
Dennis SchultingKant’s Idealism and Phenomenalism. Critical Notice of Lucy Allais’s Manifest Reality. Kant’s Idealism & His Realism; 191
Katharina Kraus, Thomas Sturm«An Attractive Alternative to Empirical Psychologies Both in His Day and Our Own»? A Critique of Frierson’s Kant’s Empirical Psychology; 203

Courtney D. FugateThe Teleology of Reason. A Study of the Structure of Kant’s Critical Philosophy (G. Garelli); 227
Nicholas F. StangKant’s Modal Metaphysics (J. J. Callanan); 231
Claudia GrabandKlugheit bei Kant (T. Höwing); 235
Pragmatism, Kant, and Transcendental Philosophy, ed. by Gabriele Gava and Robert Stern (P. Redding); 239

Klaus DüsingImmanuel Kant: Klassiker Der Aufklärung. Untersuchungen zur kritischen Philosophie in Erkenntnistheorie, Ethik, Ästhetik und Metaphysik (A. Solbach); 247
Martin BunteErkenntnis und Funktion. Zur Vollständigkeit der Urteilstafel und Einheit des kantischen Systems (L. Perulli); 248
Antonino FaldutoThe Faculties of the Human Mind and the Case of Moral Feeling in Kant’s Philosophy (S. Møller); 249
Sebastian LuftThe Space of Culture. Towards a Neo-Kantian Philosophy of Culture (Cohen, Natorp, and Cassirer) (L. Filieri); 250

Direttore / Editor : Claudio La Rocca (claudio.larocca@unige.it)
Segreteria di redazione / Assistant Editors: Gabriele Gava (gabriele.gava@gmail.com), Roberta Picardi (roberta.picardi@unimol.it)
Redattori / Editorial Assistants: Luigi Filieri, Lorenzo Sala

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