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New Release: Studi Kantiani XXIX, 2016 (with a special section on the Ethical and the Juridical in Kant)

We are happy to announce the publication of the 2016 issue of Studi kantiani, which contains a special section on “the Ethical and the Juridical in Kant” edited by Sorin Biasu and Ruhi Damiray.

Studi Kantiani is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles in English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish. The purpose of the journal is to promote the research on Kant in its different forms.

Please find this issue’s table of contents below:



ANNO XXIX 2016, pp. 272

The Ethical and the Juridical in Kant

Guest editors: Sorin Baiasu, Ruhi Demiray

Ruhi Demiray, Sorin Baiasu, Kant on the Relation between Duties of Virtue and of Right: Introduction; 11

Thomas Mertens, Kant’s Metaphysics of Morals: a Conversation with my Student; 21

Sari Kisilevsky, Kant’s Juridical Conception of Freedom as Independence; 41

Sorin Baiasu, Ethical and Politico-juridical Norms in the Tugendlehre; 59

Stefano Bacin, «Only one obligation»: Kant on the Distinction and the Normative; Continuity of Ethics and Right; 77

Elke Elisabeth Schmidt, Dieter Schönecker, Kant on Moral Necessitation by Another Subject’s Will (Tugendlehre, § 16); 91

Kenneth R. Westphal, Kant, Aristotle and our Fidelity to Reason; 109


Barbara Herman, Kantian Commitments; 131

Fernando Moledo, La deducciòn metafísica de las categorìas en torno a 1772; y una hipótesis sobre el primer estadio de la historia evolutiva de la Deducciòn trascendental; 145


Jens Timmermann, Quod dubitas, ne feceris. Kant on Using Conscience as a Guide; 163

Massimo Mori, Ancora sul cosmopolitismo; 169


Mirella Capozzi, Scritti su Kant, a cura di Hansmichael Hohenegger (A. Vanzo); 181

Corey W. Dyck, Kant and Rational Psychology (D. Schulting); 185

Giuseppe Giannetto, Intuizione intellettuale e sintesi trascendentale in Kant (S. Palermo); 193

Jean-Francois Kervégan, La raison des normes. Essai sur Kant (G. Frilli); 197

Stephen R. Palmquist, Comprehensive Commentary on Kant’s Religion Within; the Bounds of Bare Reason (A. Gentile); 201

Kant’s Lectures/Kants Vorlesungen, hrsg. von Bernd Dörflinger, Claudio La Rocca, Robert Louden, Ubirajara Rancan de Azevedo Marques (F. Valagussa); 205

Kant’s Lectures on Ethics. A Critical Guide, ed. by Lara Denis and Oliver Sensen (M. Walschots); 209


Immanuel Kant, Idea per una storia universale in prospettiva cosmopolitica, a cura di Roberto Mordacci, traduzione di Stefano Bacin e Francesca Pongiglione (Roberta Picardi); 217

Sulla Prima Introduzione alla Critica della facoltà di giudizio, «Il cannocchiale. Rivista di studi filosofici», XXXIX, 1, 2014, numero monografico a cura di Sandra Palermo (Luciano Perulli); 219

The Highest Good in Aristotle and Kant, ed. by Joachim Aufderheide and Ralf M. Bader (Luca Timponelli); 221

Marco Ivaldo, Ragione pratica. Kant, Reinhold, Fichte (Franco Gilli); 222

Katrin Nolte, Wahrnehmung und Wahrnehmungssurteil. Zur Kritik eines philosophiegeschichtlichen Dogmas (Claudio La Rocca); 224

Christine M. Korsgaard, Le origini della normatività, edizione italiana a cura di Luciana Ceri, presentazione di Luca Fonnesu (Matteo Cresti); 225

Georg Friedrich Meier, Tentativo di un’ermeneutica generale, a cura di Manuela Mei (Alberto Romele); 226

Paola Rumore, Materia cogitans. L’Aufklärung di fronte al materialismo (Laura Anna Macor); 228

Frederick C. Beiser, The Genesis of Neo-Kantianism, 1796-1880 (Stefano Bacin); 230

Bollettino bibliografico 2013-2014, a cura di Luigi Filieri e Lorenzo Sala; 233

Sigle delle opere di Kant; 251

Autori; 255

Libri ricevuti; 257


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