We are glad to give notice that the 2nd Kantian Rationality Lab Conference, Kantian Rationality in Ethics: Foundations, Applications, Challenges will take place online on 14-16 May 2021. The event is organized by Thomas Sturm, Nina Dmitrieva, Martin Sticker & Andrey Zilber (Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University – IKBFU, Kaliningrad).

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Below the program of the conference.


May 14 – Chair: Thomas Sturm

14:30 Thomas Sturm, Nina Dmitrieva & Martin Sticker: Welcome

14:45 David Bakhurst (Kingston, CA & Kaliningrad): Categorical Moral Requirements

15:45 Vadim Chaly (Kaliningrad): The Categorical Imperative as a Procedure: Formalizations and Applications

16:45 Break

17:15 Patricia Kitcher (New York): How the Moral Law is Central to Kant’s Theory of Practical Reason

18:15 Martin Sticker (Bristol): Kant on Rationalizing and Abuses of Reason

19:15 Break

19:45 Helga Varden (Urbana, IL): Kant and Arendt on Barbaric and Totalitarian Evil


May 15 – Chair: Nina Dmitrieva

14:30 Alexei Krouglov (Moscow & Kaliningrad): Russian Constitutional Law from the Kantian Point of View

15:30 Lea Ypi (London): A Permissive Theory of Territorial Rights

16:30 Break

17:00 Corinna Mieth (Bochum) & Garrath Williams (Lancaster): “Modern slavery” and Immigration Restrictions from a Kantian Standpoint

18:00 Herta Nagl-Docekal (Wien): How Kant’s Conception of the “Ethical State” Might Prove Relevant for the Current Debate on a Global Community

19:00 Break

19:30 Matthew C. Altman (Ellensburg, WA): Kant in the Time of COVID


May 16 – Chair: David Bakhurst

14:30 Konstantin  Pollok (Mainz): A Kantian Response to Intergenerational Conflicts in Climate Change

15:30 Ludwig Nagl (Wien): Digital Technology: Kantian Reflections on the Difference Between Instrumental and Practical Reason

16:30 Break

17:00 Sergej Lugovoy (Kaliningrad): Kant’s Moral Interpretation of Religion and Its Potential for the Resolution of Religious Conflicts

18:00 Break

19:30 Philip Kitcher (New York): Naturalizing Kant


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