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New release: New issue of Metodo “Philosophy and Literature,” ed. by F. Campana and M. Farina

New release: "Philosophy and Literature" (Metodo. International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy, Vol. 6, No. 1, 2018)

We are very pleased to announce that the new issue of Metodo. International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy (Vol. 6, No. 1, 2018) is out!

The monographic issue, entitled Philosophy and literature, is edited by Francesco Campana and Mario Farina. The issue «aims to reconsider the philosophical and literary debate of the second half of 20th Century. In this debate, phenomenological tendencies, classic literary theory, hermeneutics and the latest analytic attempts devote their efforts to comprehending literature as a whole. The issue moves from the awareness of the anguished relationship between philosophy and literature, a relationship however that never stops to vindicate its pivotal role in the history of both the disciplines» (from the Introduction by the editors).


Table of contents

Introduction, Francesco Campana, Mario Farina

Literature and Philosophical Progress, Eileen John

The Concept of a Literary Genre, Stein Haugom Olsen

Shakespeare e il teatro dell’intelligenza. Dagli errori di Bruto a quelli di René Girard, Giovanni Bottiroli

The Eclipse of the Transcendent and the Poetics of Praise: Arendt’s Rilke, Ulrika Björk

Modo, Moment, and Modernity, Gianluca Garelli

The Destitution of Words: The Death of the Author and the Aporias of Writing in Levinas’s Totality and Infinity, Jakub Kowalewski

The Cognitive Value of Modernist Literature. Ricoeur’s Conception of Productive Imagination Reconsidered, Leen Verheyen

The Staging of Play: Jean-Luc Nancy on the Poetic Logic of Philosophy, Nikolaas Deketelaere

Understanding Literature: The Eminent Text and its Role in Understanding, Patrick Martin

Poetic Sensibility, Poetic Practice: Towards a Phenomenology of the Poetic, Richard Marklew

Philosophie als Literatur bei Nietzsche, Deleuze und Borges Augenblick, Ewigkeit und Wiederholung als existenzielle Erfahrungen der Zeit, Irene Monica Breuer

De un vacío aparente. Una lectura de Das Schloß de F. Kafka, Guillermo Moreno Tirado

Meaning, Experience, and the Modern Self: The Phenomenology of Spontaneous Sense in Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway, Jacob Martin Rump

Visibilité er témoignage dans le récit La Métamorphose de Franz Kafka, Arthur Cools


All articles are free downloadable at this link.


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