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New release: Luca Illetterati and Francesca Menegoni (eds.), „Wirklichkeit. Beiträge zu einem Schlüsselbegriff der Hegelschen Philosophie“ (Vittorio Klosterman, 2018 – table of contents and extract)

We are happy to give notice of the release of the volume Wirklichkeit. Beiträge zu einem Schlüsselbegriff der Hegelschen Philosophie, edited by Luca Illetterati and Francesca Menegoni.

From the publisher’s website:
This volume contains the contributions to a workshop held in conjunction with the International Hegel Society’s Hegel Days from 3 to 5 June 2015 at the University of Padua. On this occasion, a pivotal as well as currently much debated concept was under discussion. The concept of “reality” combines the current confrontations with realism and anti-realism and the juxtaposition of realism and idealism within classical German philosophy. Above all, however, the term embraces the challenge of Hegelian philosophy, which finds its seminal expression in the famous double phrase, “Was vernünftig ist, das ist wirklich; und was wirklich ist, das ist vernünftig”. The contributions in this volume discuss the question of reality both on a theoretical level and in terms of the practical dimension. In both cases, the focus is on Hegel’s line of argumentation itself as well as on its re-examination in the context of contemporary philosophy.


Below you can find the table of contents



Vorwort der Herausgeber


Luca Illetterati
Der einzige Inhalt der Philosophie. Ontologie und Epistemologie in Hegels Begriff der Wirklichkeit

Robert Pippin
The Many Modalities of Wirklichkeit in Hegel’s Wissenschaft der Logik

Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer
The concept of reality. On Hegel’s disambiguation of Energeia

Dietmar H. Heidemann
Gibt es bei Hegel das Problem des Realismus?

Stephen Houlgate
Thought and Being in Hegel’s Logic. Reflections on Hegel, Kant and Pippin

Gunnar Hindrichs
Spekulativ gebundene Ontologie


Birgit Sandkaulen
Modus oder Monade. Wie wirklich ist das Individuum bei Hegel?

Christoph Halbig
Nihilismus, Konstruktivismus, Realismus? Überlegungen zum Theorietyp von Hegels Metaethik

Angelica Nuzzo
Wirklichkeit and Wirken: Hegel’s Logic of Action

Jean-François Kervégan
„Was wirklich ist, kann wirken“. Anmerkungen über die logische Stellung der Wirklichkeit bei Hegel

Sally Sedgwick
Reconciling Ourselves to the Contingency that is a Moment of Actuality. Hegel on Freedom’s Transformative Nature

Lucio Cortella
„Das Geistige allein ist das Wirkliche“. Über den Hegelschen Begriff der Wirklichkeit



Here you can find an extract from the publisher’s website
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