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New Release: “Hegel Studien”, Volume 51

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the volume 51 of  the “Hegel-Studien”. The volume will contain the following contributions:


New Release: “Hegel Studien”, Volume 51 1

Bochumer Hegel-Vorlesungen

Sally Sedgwick: Innere versus äußere Zweckmäßigkeit in Hegels Philosophie der Geschichte 


Laure Cahen-Maurel: An Art of False Mysteriousness? Hegel’s Criticism of the Painting Style of Caspar David Friedrich

Guillaume Lejeune: Modalité et sémantique. A propos de la réception de Hegel par William James

Thomas Meyer: Hegels wesenslogisches Kausalitätskapitel als Identitätstheorie der Kausalität

Arno Schubbach: Der ›Begriff der Sache‹. Kants und Hegels Konzeptionen der Darstellung zwischen Philosophie, geometrischer Konstruktion und chemischem Experiment

Perspektiven der Forschung

Guido Kreis, Friedrike Schick, Marc Nicolas Sommer, Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer: Lässt sich das Unendliche widerspruchsfrei denken? Ein Buchsymposium zu Guido Kreis’ Negative Dialektik des Unendlichen. Kant, Hegel, Cantor

Furthermore, the volume 50 will present a comprehensive part of reviews and a bibliography with the new publications of the Hegel-Forschung released in the year 2016.

Further information may be found at this link.

Once more, it is worth mentioning the extended profile of the “Hegel-Studien”. In addition to the focus on the international research into Hegel’s philosophy, the journal also welcomes contributions on other authors and debates of the classical German philosophy, insofar as they promise a significative gain for the confrontation with the epoch around the 1800 and a reference to the contemporaries discussions. Contributions may be written in German, English and French. All the submissions pass through an anonymous peer review.

You can find more details at this link.

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