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New Release: Hegel Bulletin (Vol. 43 – Issue 1 – April 2022)

New Release: Hegel Bulletin (Vol. 43 - Issue 1 - April 2022)

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest issue of Hegel Bulletin (Volume 43 – Issue 1 – April 2022).


The volume contains the following contributions:

Christian Martin, Three Attitudes Towards Nature
Hammam Aldouri, Hegel’s Concept of the Familiar: Toward a Philosophical Study

Federico Orsini, Hegel’s A Priori and the Critique of Three Aprioristic Readings of the Science of Logic

Charlie Cooper-Simpson, Is there a Deduction in Hegel’s Science of Logic?

Jakub Mácha, Reverberating the Glas: Towards a Deconstructive Account of Particularity in Hegel’s Logic of the Concept

Lior Levy, Peer Gynt and Oedipus: Ibsen on Hegel’s Precursors of Modernity


Book Review

Espen Hammer, Todd Hedrick. Reconciliation and Reification: Freedom’s Semblance and Actuality from Hegel to Contemporary Critical Theory. New York: Oxford University Press, 2019. ISBN 10- 019063402-2 (pbk). ISBN 13-978-0-19063402-5 (hbk). Pp. 296. £55.

Armando Manchisi, Kevin Thompson. Hegel’s Theory of Normativity: The Systematic Foundations of the Philosophical Science of Right. Evanston IL: Northwestern University Press, 2019. ISBN 978-0-81013993-0 (hbk). ISBN 978-0-81013992-3 (pbk). ISBN 978-0-81013994-7 (ebk). Pp. 117. $99.95 (hbk). $34.95 (pbk). $34.95 (ebk).

Eliza Starbuck Little, Karen Ng, Hegel’s Concept of Life: Self-Consciousness, Freedom, Logic. New York: Oxford University Press, 2020. ISBN: 978-0190947613 (hbk). Pp. 336. £55.


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