International Conference: “Hegelian Perspectives on the Philosophy of Nature and the Environment” (Coimbra, 23-24 May 2024)

We are glad to give notice of the international conference Hegelian Perspectives on the Philosophy of Nature and the Environment, which will take place on May 23th-24th, 2024, at the University of Coimbra.

The event is organized by Diogo Ferrer (Universidade de Coimbra) and Christian Krijnen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).

Please find below the description and program of the conference, which can also be downloaded here.



The upcoming 2024 conference, Hegelian Perspectives on the Philosophy of Nature and the Environment, will offer a historically informed platform for discussing crucial contemporary issues in the philosophy of the environment and nature. These issues will be approached through systematic or historical-philosophical methodologies, interpretation of Hegel’s texts, and comparative studies with other authors. The conference will delve into specific problems of environmental ethics, such as how to expand ethical considerations to encompass the relationship between human beings and nature, how to establish an ethics of care and forethought, and how ethics interrelate with metaphysical issues. These metaphysical concerns include the conceptual foundations of knowledge of nature, the ontological and moral status of sentient living beings, the organic relationship between living beings and their environment, and the Earth as an organism. Anthropological aspects can also be explored, such as the inherent embodiment of humans, the concept of “second nature” and its relationship to nature in the strict sense, the dialectic of means and ends in technology, and the overall ethical, political, and conceptual implications of technology.


Thursday, May 23

11:00 – 11:55 Ermylos Plevrakis (Heidelberg): What Is Hegel’s Philosophy of Nature For?

11:55 – 12:50 Zdravko Kobe (Ljubljana): Understanding in Nature: On the Logical Place of Abstraction in Hegel’s Concept

14:30 – 12:25 Christian Krijnen (Amsterdam): Hegel and the Problem of the Climate Crisis: Methodological Considerations

15:25 – 16:20 Max Gottschlich (Salzburg): The Technical-Practical Relation to Nature

16:40 – 17:35 Paul Cobben (Amsterdam): How to Overcome the Destruction of Nature? Hegel’s Sublation of Instrumental Reason

17:35 – 18:30 Luca Illetterati (Padova): Thinking the Crisis of Nature: The Hegelian Ontology of Nature as Overcoming of Subjectivism and Objectivism

Friday, May 24

9:05 – 10:00 Christian Martin (Stuttgart): Hegel on the Four Elements as a Precondition of Life

10:00 – 10:55 Klaus Vieweg (Jena): Soziale Nachhaltigkeit, soziale Sorge und Vorsorge in Hegels Philosophie

11:15 – 12:10 Eric Grabow (Kiel): Hegels Dialektik nachhaltiger Freiheit

12:10 – 13:05 Arthur Kok (Tilburg): Towards an Ecological Economics: a Hegelian Perspective

14:45 – 15:40 Diogo Ferrer (Coimbra): Technique, Responsibility, and Teleology in Hegel and Hans Jonas

15:40 – 16:35 Bruno Haas (Paris): (Title to be announced)

16:55 – 17:50 Christian Illies (Bamberg): Humans in Nature – Remarks on Hegel’s Anthropology

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