HSGB Annual Conference: “Hegel and the Greeks” (3-4 September, 2018)

We are glad to inform you that the annual conference of the Hegel Society of Great Britain will be held at St Edmund Hall (Oxford) on September 3-4, 2018. The topic of the conference will be “Hegel and the Greeks“.

You can find the conference programme below.



Monday, 3rd September

1.30-3.00 Andrea Kern (Universität Leipzig): “Self-conscious Life. Varieties of Neo-Aristotelianism”

3.30-5.00 Tobias Dangel (Universität Heidelberg): “Hegel’s reception of Aristotle’s Theology”

5.30-7.00 Julia Peters (Universität Tübingen): “Modern Selves, Ancient Sculptures: Hegel on understanding ourselves through Classical Art”


Tuesday, 4th September

9.30-11.00 Anton Friedrich Koch (Universität Heidelberg): “Hegel and the Greeks on Being and Negation”

11.30-12.15 Bernardo Ferro (Universidade de Coimbra): “Plato, Hegel, and the Reinvention of Dialectics”

12.15-1.00 Dino Jakušić (University of Warwick): “The Science of Being or Beings: Hegel and Aristotle on First Philosophy”

2.00-3.30 Michael Inwood (University of Oxford): “‘A perfect contradiction is mysterious for the clever and for fools alike’: Did Hegel contradict Aristotle?”


Registration: for costs and registration, please see this link.

Deadline for the registration: 6th August 2018.

For further information, see the conference website.


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