HPD – HOLIDAYS: Paolo Livieri, “Reason, Negation, and the Vocation of Philosophy” (Verifiche XLII, 2018, N. 1-2, pp. 257-273)

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We are glad to announce that the essay by Paolo Livieri, titled Reason, Negation, and the Vocation of Philosophy, appeared in Verifiche XLII, 2018, N. 1-2 (pp. 257-273), is now available in Open Access.

Here the abstract:

The following essay discusses a distinct kind of negation, the negation of philosophy, as it appears in F.H. Jacobi’s writings. Following a brief account of the topic and a concise review of the history of the scholarship on Jacobi’s thought (sections I and II), I will briefly chart the polemical targets of non-philosophy (section III) and eventually present an analysis of three recent publications on Jacobi’s notion of non-philosophy (by O. Koch, K. Sommer, and E. Pistilli in section IV, V, and VI respectively). I will finally assess the value of a further negation, which hints at the origin of the thought about being.

You can download the complete issue at this link.

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