Hegelpd’s Birthday: 10 year anniversary!

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, hegelpd comes back to Myoung Ho Lee’s artwork, which already accompanied the website’s first three years of activity and become one of the symbol of hegelpd (Tree… #3).

HegelPd'S Birthday: 10 year anniversary! 1


Ten years ago, on November 3, 2013, hegelpd academic research website was born.

During these years, hegelpd‘s aim was to develop a space in which resources, news, and contributions related to classical German philosophy could be shared, as well as to promote various scholarly initiatives.
Today we are pleased to celebrate hegelpd‘s 10th anniversary, with the hope of continuing to be a fruitful resource for all people interested in these research topics and beyond, from classical German philosophy to contemporary philosophical and cultural debate.
Such a special event for our research group will be celebrated throughout the year with a dedicated series of activities and debates.
Stay tuned!


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