hegelpd-holidays: Giovanna Miolli, “Per un paradigma di continuità tra scienza e filosofia: Hegel e la metafilosofia contemporanea” (PUP, 2020)

HPD - HOLIDAYS: Franco Chiereghin, "Il superamento della coscienza dualistica e le dinamiche del Principio. Note in margine a Bhradarānyaka Upaniṣad I, 4 e II, 1" (PUP, 2020)

hegelpd takes a summer holiday. In this period we will be sharing recent essays and reviews by our research group.

We are pleased to share the essay Per un paradigma di continuità tra scienza e filosofia: Hegel e la metafilosofia contemporanea, published in the volume Morality, Ethics, Religion between Classical German Philosophy and Contemporary Thought. Studies in Honor of Francesca Menegoni edited by Luca Illetterati, Armando Manchisi, Michael Quante, Alessandro Esposito and Barbara Santini (Padova University Press, 2020).

Here below you can find the abstract of the text:

In this contribution I suggest some elements for a paradigm of “scientificity” for philosophy broader than that which is modelled on the procedures of the natural sciences, and consistent with a metaphilosophical conception of continuity between philosophy and the sciences. To this end, I discuss specific views taken from the contemporary metaphilosophical debate and make them interact with some Hegelian thesis about philosophy’s scientificity. I argue that Hegel can help elaborate a wider conception of scientificity on the basis of a paradigm of rationality that builds upon the idea of thought’s productive self-relation. Such a paradigm 1) involves reference to a theoretical structure of freedom; 2) entails the questioning of presuppositions as an essential activity; 3) leads to reformulating the notion of “necessity”; 4) articulates the continuity of philosophy and the sciences in their complex relation of both identity and difference; 5) integrates the ethical dimensions of decision and commitment to thinking.

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