CFA: Hegel under Construction. Temi e problemi delle „Frühe Schriften II“ (22nd June, Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici, Napoli)

We are glad to give notice that the Call for Abstract for the workshop, Hegel under Construction. Temi e problemi delle „Frühe Schriften II“, which will take place on 22nd June, 2022 at the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies, Napoli, is now opened.

Seven years after its publication, the second volume of Hegel’s Gesammelte Werke has passed almost unnoticed. However, the restitution of the fragmentary nature of these texts, does in fact present textual material that, unlike that reworked by Nohl’s edition, represents in some cases an important repositioning of the Hegelian corpus of these years. The new edition is indeed restored in its original physiognomy of materials, notes and unfinished drafts of texts. Unlike similar cases in the reception of Hegelian thought production – such as the Nachschriften and the Mitschriften of the Aesthetics or the lectures on the Philosophy of Nature, which are now firmly considered additional but indispensable sources of philosophical literature on the subject – the Frühe Schiften II, even if presenting a textual organization and arrangement significantly different from the canonical edition, struggle to become partners in an unprecedented philological as well as speculative confrontation.

In order to try to understand to what extent this recomposition/decomposition of the early Hegelian texts can offer new insights into the Hegelian reflections of the Berne and Frankfurt years, the Universities of Bologna, Vita-Salute San Raffaele and Chieti, together with the Istituto Italiano per gli Studi filosofici, intend to organize a workshop focusing on the status of the text and the critical operation underlying it from a hermeneutic, historical and theoretical perspective.

To offer a broad and international participation, a CFA has been organized to which interested scholars are invited to present new lines of research and different approaches to the new material.


The following perspectives, among others, are suggested as topics for further study:

– From a stylistic point of view, participants can focus on the philosophical significance of Hegel as author of fragments, the stylistic meaning that the first Hegelian reflection assumes by proceeding in fragments, choice made by the critical edition to call the single fragments “texts”; the more general problem of the genesis of a corpus that, as the case of the present publication shows, is always in progress, with a canon of sources that is constantly being updated.

– From a philological point of view, participants can explore the most significant differences between the canonical edition and the new critical edition within a hermeneutic reflection on the status of a critical edition.

– From a conceptual point of view, participants can map the new speculative geography, i.e. the new distribution of the text emerging from the original physiognomy of the fragments, of the classically debated themes with respect to the Nohl edition (such as positivity, destiny, love, life, the relationship between Judaism and Christianity, art and others).


To participate please send your application to, indicating a title (even a working title) and an abstract (max. 500 words) of the proposal.

Abstract submission deadline: 10 March 2022.

The authors of the most interesting and innovative abstracts will be invited to present their proposal (30 minutes) at the workshop.

The working languages of the workshop are Italian, English, German, French and Spanish.

The organization will cover the reimbursement of accommodation costs (i.e. excluding travel expenses).

Scientific committee: Eleonora Caramelli, Giacomo Petrarca, Stefania Achella, Fiorinda Li Vigni, Paolo Vinci.


Please check this link for further information.



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