Bridging Tradition: Idealism & Pragmatism (10-12 April 2014, Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main)

The aim of this international conference is to consider the relations between idealism and pragmatism. It arises out of the co-operation between two research projects: one on ‘Pragmatism, Kant and Transcendental Philosophy’ based in Frankfurt and led by Gabriele Gava, and the other on ‘Idealism & Pragmatism: Convergence or Contestation?’ at the University of Sheffield led by Robert Stern.

Conference speakers are:

Scott F. Aikin (Vanderbilt University)
James Conant (University of Chicago)
Alfredo Ferrarin (Università di Pisa)
Sebastian Gardner (University College London)
Gabriele Gava (Goethe-Universität)
Christopher Hookway (University of Sheffield)
Alfredo Ferrarin (Università di Pisa)
Daniel Herbert (University of Sheffield)
Wolfgang Kuhlmann (RWTH University Aachen)
Catherine Legg (University of Waikato)
David MacArthur (University of Sydney)
Marcel Niquet (Goethe-Universität & Federal University of Ceará)
James O’Shea (University College Dublin)
Sami Pihlström (Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies)
Sebastian Rödl (Universität Leipzig)
Robert Stern (University of Sheffield)
Marcus Willaschek (Goethe-Universität)

This site includes the full programme and the registration form. Registration is free but required.

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