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Conference: “Kant, Rights, and the State”

We are glad to announce that a conference on “Kant, Rights, and the State” will take place at the University of Oxford’s Philosophy Department on September 24-25, 2016.

To register, please contact Luke Davies (luke-davies@merton.ox.ac.uk).

The Program will be the following:

R. Bader, ‘Kant and the Problem of Assurance’ (Oxford)

Commentator: JP Messina (UCSD)

L-P. Hodgson, ‘Kantian Right and Ideal Justice’ (York)

Commentator: L.J. Davies (Oxford)

A. Pinheiro Walla, ‘Kant on Territorial Rights’ (Bayreuth)

Commentator: J. Huber (LSE)

A. Sangiovanni, ‘Against Dignity’ (King’s)

Commentator: I. Schumski (Warwick)

T. Sinclair, ‘The Power of Public Positions: Official Roles in Kantian Legitimacy’ (Oxford)

Commentator: S. Lo Re (St Andrews)

J. Weinrib, ‘The Right and Duty of Sovereignty: Kant’s theory of public right’ (Queen’s)

Commentator: S. Steel (Oxford)

A. Zylberman, ‘The Organic Unity of the State: Kant on life, rights and the state’ (UCLA)

Commentator: P-A. Hirsch (Göttingen).

The conference will be held thanks to the generous support and sponsorship of the Oxford Philosophy Department, the British Society for the History of Philosophy, the Mind Association, and the UK Kant Society.

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