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Conference: “Idealism and Pragmatism: Convergence or Contestation?” (London, July 23-25)

We are glad to announce that the program for the London 2015 Conference “Idealism and Pragmatism: Convergence or Contestation?” is now online.

The conference will be held in London’s Institute of Philosophy from July 23rd to 25th.


Thursday 23rd July
11.00-12.30 David MacArthur (University of Sydney): ‘Pragmatism and Skepticism’
2.00-3.30 Steven Levine (UMass Boston): ‘Hegel, Habits, and Pragmatism’
4.00-5.30 Robert Pippin (University of Chicago): ‘Pragmatist Themes in German Idealism’

Friday 24th July
9.30-11.00 Ulrich Schlösser (University of Tübingen): ‘On some differences between American pragmatism and idealism: Peirce and Hegel on meaning, confirmation and reality’
11.30-1.00 Claudine Tiercelin (Collège de France): ‘Why pragmatism implies realism’
2.30-4.00 Robert Brandom (University of Pittsburgh): ‘From German Idealism to American Pragmatism – and Back’
4.30-6.00 Giuseppina D’Oro (Keele University): ‘Between Therapy and Armchair Science: Collingwood’s Idealist Metaontology’

Saturday 25th July
9.30-11.00 John Kaag (UMass Lowell): ‘The Lot of the Beautiful: Pragmatism and Aesthetic Ideals’
11.30-1.00 Huw Price (University of Cambridge): ‘The End of the World’

The conference is supported by the Leverhulme Trust and falls within the broader project of “Idealism and Pragmatism: Convergence or Contestation”, connecting the Universities of Pittsburgh, Sheffield, Cambridge, Sydney and Frankfurt, together with Columbia University, Vanderbilt University and the Collège de France.
The Project aims at a retrospective assessment of both the possible interactions between the two philosophical traditions of Idealism and Pragmatism and their potential towards the production of future original thought in philosophy.

The conference’s allowance will be free of charge.

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