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New Release: Jonathan Gilmore and Lydia Goehr (eds.), “A Companion to Arthur C. Danto” (Wiley Blackwell, 2022)

We are very pleased to give notice of the new volume A Companion to Arthur C. Danto, ed. by Jonathan Gilmore and Lydia Goehr (Wiley Blackwell, 2022).

From the publisher’s website:

A Companion to Arthur C. Danto paints a detailed portrait of one the most significant figures in twentieth-century philosophy and art criticism, offering unparalleled coverage of all aspects of Danto’s writings, artworks, and thought. Edited by two long-time colleagues of Arthur Danto, this interdisciplinary resource presents more than 40 original essays from both prominent Danto scholars and leading practitioners from various sub-fields of philosophy.

The Companion illuminates Danto’s many contributions to the artworld, aesthetics, criticism, and philosophy of knowledge, action, science, history, and politics. The essays explore central concepts and intersecting themes in Danto’s writings while providing new interventions into the areas of philosophy in which Danto engaged. Topics include Danto’s mode of writing and art production, his critical engagement with artists and philosophers, conflicts in Danto’s views and in interpretations of his works, and much more.

An important addition to Danto studies, A Companion to Arthur C. Danto is essential reading for practitioners, scholars, and advanced students looking for a critical, provocative, and insightful treatment of Danto’s philosophy, art, and criticism.

Below you can find the Table of Contents:

Jonathan Gilmore and Lydia Goehr

Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Five Pieces for Arthur Danto (1924–2013) In memoriam
Lydia Goehr, Daniel Herwitz, Fred Rush, Michael Kelly, and Jonathan Gilmore

1. Roquebrune, 1962
    Ginger Danto

2. Boundaries Crossed
    András Szántó

3. Writing with Style
    Arturo Fontaine

4. Sartre, Transparency, and Style
    Taylor Carman

5. Nietzsche and Historical Understanding
    Robert Gooding-Williams

6. Pragmatism between Art and Life
    Richard Shusterman

7. Danto on Dewey (and Dewey on Danto)
    Casey Haskins

8. Thought Experiments: Art and Ethics
    F. M. Kamm

9. A Normative Perspective on Basic Actions
    Carol Rovane

10. Cognitive Science and Art Criticism
    Mark Rollins

11. Perception
    Sam Rose and Bence Nanay

12. The Anthropology of Art
    David Davies

13. The Birth of Art
    Whitney Davis

14. The End of Art
    Georg W. Bertram

15. Representation, Truth, and Historical Reality
    Frank Ankersmit

16. History and Retrospection
    Noël Carroll

17. Action in the Shadow of Time
    Adrian Haddock

18. The Sixties
    Espen Hammer

19. Criticism and the Pale of History
    Gregg M. Horowitz

20. Postmodernism and Its Discontents
    David Carrier

21. Shakespeare and the Repetition of the Commonplace
    Rachel Eisendrath

22. Engaging Henry James: The Metaphorical Perspective
    Garry L. Hagberg

23. Literature, Philosophy, Persona, Politics
    Richard Eldridge

24. Moving Pictures
    Fred Rush

25. Photography and Danto’s Craft of the Mind
    Scott Walden

26. Transfiguration/Transubstantiation
    Sixto J. Castro

27. Embodiment and Medium
    Tiziana Andina

28. The Style Matrix
    Sondra Bacharach

29. Disenfranchisement
    Jane Forsey

30. Definition
    Karlheinz Lüdeking

31. Danto and Dickie: Artworld and Institution
    Michalle Gal

32. Danto and Wittgenstein: History and Essence
    Sonia Sedivy

33. Censorship and Subsidy
    Brian Soucek

34. Amnesty International and Human Rights
    Emma Stone Mackinnon

35. Random Noise, Radical Silence
    Marlies De Munck

36. Mad Men and Pop Art
    Sue Spaid

37. Vija Celmins: Nature at Art’s End
    Sandra Shapshay

38. The Meaning of Ugliness, The Authority of Beauty
    J. M. Bernstein

39. Feminist Criticism: On Disturbatory Art and Beauty
    Peg Brand Weiser

40. Beauty and Politics
    Matilde Carrasco Barranco

41. Public Art: Monuments, Memorials, and Earthworks
    Gary Shapiro

42. On Architecture
    Remei Capdevila-Werning

43. Aliveness and Aboutness: Yvonne Rainer’s Dance Indiscernibles
    Kyle Bukhari

44. Arthur and Andy
    Daniel Herwitz

45. Letter to Posterity
    Arthur C. Danto



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