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hpd for OA week (VII): Guglielmo Califano, “Scientia intuitiva? Intuizione, idea ed empiria nella scienza di Goethe” («Teoria», XL, 2/2020)

The International Open Access Week is now entering its fourteenth year, and hegelpd is going to be part of it: from October 25nd to October 29th, we will be sharing with our readers at least an open access article a day.

What is Open Access (OA)? Open Access is the online, immediate, free of charge access to scholarly research material (journal articles, theses, book chapters etc.), free of most copyright and licensing restriction. (Click here for more information)


In occasione della Open Access Week, condividiamo con le nostre lettrici e i nostri lettori l’articolo di Guglielmo Califano, Scientia intuitiva? Intuizione, idea ed empiria nella scienza di Goethe, apparso in «Teoria», XL, 2/2020, pp. 221-232, vincitore del Premio Sainati 2019/2020.

On the occasion of the Open Access Week, we are happy to share with our readers Guglielmo Califano‘s article, Scientia intuitiva? Intuizione, idea ed empiria nella scienza di Goethe, in «Teoria», XL, 2/2020, pp. 221-232, awarded with Sainati Prize 2019/2020.

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