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CONFERENCE: “Hegel on Empirical Judgment” (Zoom, 4-5 June, 2021)

We are glad to give notice that the online-conference Hegel on Empirical Judgment, will take place on Zoom on 4-5 June 2021. The event is organized by Eliza Starbuck Little and Robb Dunphy.

To register please write to hegelonjudgment@gmail.com.

Below the program of the conference.


4th June

Mark Alznauer (Nothwestern): Hegel on Philosophy as Radical Conceptual Ameliorization
Comments: Matt Delhey (Toronto)

Lucian Ionel (Pittsburgh): Sensibility & Receptivity
Comments: Robb Dunphy (University College Dublin)

Martina Barnaba (La Sapienza): Representation & Symbol: A Link Between Intuition & Thought
Comments: Eliza Starbuck Little (U Chicago)


5th June

Leonard Weiss (Sheffield): The Check from Outside: Hegel vs. McDowell on Conceptual Content
Comments: Camilla Brenni (Strasboutg/Poitiers).

Andrew Werner (Yale): Hegel’s Transformative Theory of Empirical Intuition
Comments: Gene Fleandy (Monash)

Tal Giladi (Hebrew University): Hegel’s Critique of Judgment
Comments: Chris Shambaugh (Oregon)


Keynote Address: Julia Peters (Tübingen): Hegel on Human Sound and Color Perception


CONFERENCE: Hegel on Empirical Judgment (Chicago, 4-5 June 2021)

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