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New Release: Verifiche (XLIX, 1-2/2020): “Hegel and/in/on Translation” (ed. by Saša Hrnjez and Elena Nardelli)

We are very glad to announce the release of a new issue of Verifiche. Rivista di scienze umane (XLIX, 1-2/2020) devoted to Hegel and/in/on Translation. The volume is edited by Saša Hrnjez and Elena Nardelli. 

Below you can find the table of contents of the issue or download it here.


Prefazione / Introduction

Elena Nardelli, Saša Hrnjez, Is It Possible to Speak About a Hegelian Theory of Translation? On Hegel’s Übersetzungsbegriff and Some Paradigmatic Practices of Translation

Saggi / Articles

On Translation: Theoretical Perspectives

Angelica Nuzzo, The Untranslatable in Translation. A Hegelian Dialectic
Silvia Pieroni, Das Fremde in der Sprache: Hegel e la sfida dell’estraneo
Guillaume Lejeune, L’Übersetzen comme articulation interne du système encyclopédique. Hegel et Novalis en perspective
Gianluca Garelli, Critica della «regione pura». Übersetzung e rappresentazione in Hegel
Michele Capasso, La traduzione come forma. Hegel, Benjamin e il laboratorio romantico
Alessandro Esposito, L’attività del tradurre nella psicologia hegeliana: trasformazione e liberazione del soggetto finito
Michael Marder, Pure translation in Hegel’s Phenomenology
Federico Orsini, La filosofia come traduzione in Hegel

Effects of Translation

Ayumi Takeshima, The Reception and Translation of Hegel in Japan
Mariana Teixeira, Kojève’s «Dialectique du maître et de l’esclave». Notes on the Wirkungsgeschichte of a Traitorous Translation
Emmanuel Renault, A quoi ressemblerait une philosophie hégélienne de la traduction? Réflexions à partir des traductions françaises de la Phénoménologie de l’esprit
Francesca Iannelli, Alain Patrick Olivier, Translating Hegel’s Aesthetics in France and Italy: A Comparative Approach
Jakub Mácha, Beispiel / By-Play in Hegel’s Writings
Ashfaq Saleem Mirza, Some Dimensions of Translating or Writing about Hegel in Urdu

Hegel Translated

George di Giovanni, In Conversation with Hegel: A Translator’s Story
Félix Duque, Hacerse lenguas de «Hegel»
Georges Faraklas, Hegel en Grec
Paolo Giuspoli, Come si può tradurre la Scienza della logica?
Zdravko Kobe, Translating Hegel into Slovenian
Marcin Pańków, Translating Hegel’s Logic. Absolute Negativity and the Crisis of Philosophy as an Institution

Discussioni / Discussions

Guido Tana, Unlikely Bedfellows? On a recent rapprochement between Hegel and Wittgenstein

Recensioni / Book Reviews

Angela Monica Recupero, C. Canullo, Il chiasmo della traduzione. Metafora e verità
Giulia La Rocca, R. Morani, Rileggere Hegel. Tempo, soggetto, negatività, dialettica
Elena Alessiato, M. Quante, Antropologia pragmatista. Padova Lectures
Ruth Abou Rached, D. Charlston, Translation and Hegel’s Philosophy: A Transformative, Socio-narrative Approach to A.V. Miller’s Cold-War Retranslations

All articles are accessible on the website of the journal.


New Release: Verifiche (XLIX, 1-2/2020): "Hegel and/in/on Translation" (ed. by Saša Hrnjez and Elena Nardelli)

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