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Call for Applications: JHP Master Class, “The Lesser-Known Frege in Kantian Context” (June 10-14, 2019)

We are glad to give notice that a call for applications for the Master Classes of the Journal of the History of Philosophy The Lesser Known Frege in Kantian Context is now open.

The Master Classes will take place from June 10th to June 14th, 2019.

The deadline for applications in on November 15th, 2018.

Here below you can find the course description provided with additional information.


Mindful of the challenges facing young scholars working in the history of philosophy, the Board of Directors of the Journal of the History of Philosophy has established a program of Master Classes in the History of Philosophy. The central idea of the program is that a senior scholar who works primarily in some area of the history of philosophy would undertake to direct an intensive week of master classes for the benefit of a small group of recent Ph.D.’s whose main research and teaching are in the relevant area. Normally, the classes will focus on one or more texts that are typically not part of material that the participants would have studied as graduate students. The goal of the program is the enhancement of the expertise and understanding of the young scholars in their area of specialization.

The JHP will select up to six individuals from among those who apply to participate in five days of intense classes on the announced subject. All travel and housing and food for the duration of the classes will be paid by JHP up to $1750.  

2018 Classes

Dates: June 10–14, 2019
Topic: “The Lesser-Known Frege in Kantian Context”
Instructor: Juliet Floyd (Boston University)  

Course Description:

Gottlob Frege’s influence on twentieth-century and contemporary philosophy of logic and mathematics, as well as philosophy of language, are well known. But scholars of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century philosophy have successfully worked to contextualize Frege’s work in a wider Kantian context, scrutinizing Frege’s response to his own time, and the reception of Frege in the early twentieth century. The theme of our seminar will be the Kantian context of Frege’s work. Our focus will be twofold: 1) to analyze Frege’s and his predecessor’s texts with an eye toward how he is arguing for fundamental shifts in the notions of ‘judgment,’ ‘logical form,’ ‘truth,’ ‘value,’ and ‘psychologism’ that were part and parcel of Kant’s and/or Kantian nineteenth-century philosophy; and 2) to read a few exemplary pieces of secondary literature on Frege that illuminate a variety of methods of reading and re-reading Frege in his Kantian context. Recent works by such authors as Gottfried Gabriel, Jeremy Heis, Sanford Shieh, and Mark Textor will be supplemented by the lesser-known work of Susanne K. Langer, whose Cassirer-, Wittgenstein-, and Sheffer-influenced readings of Frege furthered an American tradition in philosophy of logic that broadened Frege’s outlook into a general philosophy of symbolic forms.

Application: Applicants should send a letter of interest along with a CV to Prof. Lloyd P. Gerson (lloyd.gerson@utoronto.ca).

Qualifications: Ph.D. in philosophy received no earlier than January 1, 2014 and no later than January 1, 2019. AOS: History of nineteenth- and twentieth-century philosophy.

Deadline for submission: Applications must be received no later than November 15, 2018. Applicants will be notified by January 1, 2019 of those selected to participate.

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