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New release: Luca Illetterati and Francesca Menegoni (eds.), „Wirklichkeit. Beiträge zu einem Schlüsselbegriff der Hegelschen Philosophie“ (Vittorio Klosterman, 2018 – table of contents and extract)

Niccolò Sbolci // Set 24, 2018

We are happy to give notice of the release of the volume Wirklichkeit. Beiträge zu einem Schlüsselbegriff der Hegelschen Philosophie, …

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International network Hegel’s relevance Conference: “An Ethical Modernity? Hegel’s Concept of Ethical Life Today–Its Limits and Potential” (Prague, 26-28 Sept)

Eleonora Cugini // Set 22, 2018

We are very pleased to give notice that the International network Hegel’s relevance Conference will take place at Villa Lanna …

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Call for Applications: JHP Master Class, “The Lesser-Known Frege in Kantian Context” (June 10-14, 2019)

Davide Dalla Rosa // Set 21, 2018

We are glad to give notice that a call for applications for the Master Classes of the Journal of the …

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Convegno: “Saperci fare con il reale. La filosofia, la psicoanalisi, la politica” (Padova, 26-27 Settembre)

Eleonora Cugini // Set 21, 2018

Siamo lieti di informarvi che nei prossimi 26 e 27 Settembre si terrà il convegno da titolo Saperci fare con il …

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CFA: Hegel-Marx: “Dead Dogs” Still Live (University of Lisbon, April 9-10 2019)

Arianna Longo // Set 14, 2018

We are glad to announce a call for abstracts for an upcoming conference on Hegel-Marx: “dead dogs” still live, to be …

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cfa: Colloquium on Classical German Philosophy of UFABC: Philosophical Foundations and Skepticism (2-4 October 2018, UFABC)

Michela Bordignon // Set 12, 2018

We are glad to announce that it is now open the call for papers for Colloquium on Classical German Philosophy …

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CFP: The Unfinished Synthesis – Kant’s Opus Postumum Workshop (Munich, 15-16 February 2019)

Davide Dalla Rosa // Set 12, 2018

We are glad to inform that a call for papers is open for the conference «The Unfinished Synthesis – Kant’s …

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World WoMen Hegelian Congress: “The Owl’s Flight. Hegel’s Legacy in a Different Voice” (Rome, 26-28 September 2018)

hegelpd // Set 10, 2018

We are very pleased to give notice that the first World WoMen Hegelian Congress will take place at the Sapienza …

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hegelpd is the academic blog of the Classical German Philosophy research group at the University of Padua. The group, led by Luca Illetterati, Francesca Menegoni and Antonio Maria Nunziante, carries on a tradition started fifty years ago by Franco Chiereghin.
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