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CFP: Reconstructing Reason: Developing the concept of reason through history (University of Toronto, 15-16 November 2019)

Giulia Bernard // Ago 5, 2019

We are glad to give notice of the forthcoming Annual University of Toronto Graduate Conference in Philosophy Reconstructing Reason: Developing …

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HPD – Digest (March – July 2019)

hegelpd // Lug 31, 2019

hpd-digest offers an overview of the most recent activities, events and relevant publications involving the members of hegelpd, the Research …

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New Release: Jakub Mácha and Alexander Berg (eds.), “Wittgenstein and Hegel. Reevaluation of Difference” (De Gruyter, 2019)

Saša Hrnjez // Lug 28, 2019

We are glad to give notice of the release of the book Wittgenstein and Hegel. Reevaluation of Difference, edited by …

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New Release: Roberto Morani: “Rileggere Hegel. Tempo, soggetto, negatività, dialettica” (Orthotes, 2019)

Giulia La Rocca // Lug 27, 2019

Siamo lieti di dare notizia dell’uscita del volume Rileggere Hegel. Tempo, soggetto, negatività, dialettica di Roberto Morani per Orthotes Editrice. Riportiamo qui …

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Convegno: “Le forme del sapere. La filosofia classica tedesca ieri e oggi” (Parma, 10-12 Settembre 2019)

Giulia La Rocca // Lug 24, 2019

Siamo lieti di annunciare il convegno Le forme del sapere. La filosofia classica tedesca ieri e oggi che si terrà presso …

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St. Andrews Kant Reading Party: “Kant and Leibniz” (St. Andrews, 30 July-2 August)

Filippo Sanguettoli // Lug 22, 2019

We are pleased to give notice of the 12th edition of the Saint Andrews Kant Reading Party, that will be …

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HSGB Annual Conference: “Hegel and Freedom” (2-3 September, 2019)

Niccolò Sbolci // Lug 19, 2019

We are glad to inform you that the annual conference of the Hegel Society of Great Britain will be held …

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Internationale Tagung zum 200. Todestag Friedrich Heinrich Jacobis: “Jacobi und Kant” (Bochum, 28-30 November)

Giulia Bernard // Lug 19, 2019

We are very glad to give notice of the Internationale Tagung “Jacobi und Kant“, organised on the occasion of the …

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hegelpd is the academic blog of the Classical German Philosophy research group at the University of Padua. The group, led by Luca Illetterati, Francesca Menegoni and Antonio Maria Nunziante, carries on a tradition started fifty years ago by Franco Chiereghin.
Since 2013, this website is a space for sharing resources, news and contributions for all those interested in these topics. We will provide updated news about events, workshops, conferences, calls for papers, publications and bibliographies related to Classical German Philosophy, as well as events involving our research group.
This blog is intended as a resource for all scholars, students and people interested in Classical German Thought and its relevance to contemporary philosophical and cultural debates.