Padova Hegel Lectures 2020

Padova Hegel Lectures (2020)

In order to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Hegel’s birth, hegelpd launches the Padova Hegel Lectures: the series consists of 13 lectures given by international Hegel scholars, aimed at exploring Hegelian philosophy as a whole, investigating its main insights as well as its relevance for contemporary concerns. The Lectures will be held throughout 2020 and will run alongside other activities and seminars of the research group on classical German philosophy at the University of Padova.

Here is the complete program of the Padova Hegel Lectures:

11 February    Tereza Matějčková (Charles University, Prague)

18 March    Miguel Giusti (Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Lima) [rescheduled]

7 April    Héctor Ferreiro (CONICET, Buenos Aires) [rescheduled]

19 May    Paul Kottman (New School of Social Research, New York) [rescheduled]

26 May    James Kreines (Claremont McKenna College) [rescheduled]

30 June    Dina Emundts (Free University, Berlin)

15 September  Marco Aurélio Werle (University of São Paulo)

5 October    Eva Geulen (Leibniz Center for Literary and Cultural Research, Berlin) [rescheduled]

20 October    Christopher Yeomans (Purdue College of Liberal Arts) [rescheduled]

5 November    Christophe Bouton (Bordeaux Montaigne University) [rescheduled]

24 November    Julia Peters (University of Tübingen) [rescheduled]

14 December    Catherine Malabou (Kingston University, London) [rescheduled]

18 December    Angelica Nuzzo (The City University of New York)


Here you can download the pdf file of the poster of the Padova Hegel Lectures.

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