Materials: Winfield’s Lectures on Hegel’s “Science of Logic”

The recordings of Richard Dien Winfield’s lectures on Hegel’s Science of Logic are freely available online. Prof. Winfield held these lectures in his 2009 Spring term Hegel class, at the University of Georgia.
The transcriptions of the thirty lectures, which take into account Hegel’s Science of Logic in its entirety, gave rise to a book, published in 2012 by Rowman&Littlefield Publishers.
Winfield’s “non-foundationalist” reading of Hegel :Together with William Maker, Richard Dien Winfield is one of the major advocates of a ‘non-foundationalist’, yet systematic interpretation of Hegel’s philosophy. On the one hand, freedom from foundations would be the aspect of Hegel’s thought that makes it alternative to both ontology and epistemology. On the other hand, its systematic character would save it from the lack of concern for truth and objectivity that seems to prevail in many neopragmatist versions of non-foundational philosophy.
The reader should note that Winfield’s idea of a non-foundational philosophy marks his unique position within the field of the contemporary Hegelian studies in the Anglo American world, especially with respect to other non-foundationalist interpreters like David Kolb, Joseph Flay, Tom Rockmore or Robert Pippin. Furthermore, Winfield’s critique of any quasi-transcendental approach to philosophy played an important role in the development of one of the most challenging interpretations of Hegel’s Logic today, namely, Houlgate’s project of reading the whole of Hegel’s Logic as a presuppositionless ontology.
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The audio of the lectures: In order to listen to Winfield’s lectures, just click here.

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