Materials: Talks’ Recordings of the Conference “German Classical Philosophy and Naturalism” (Georgetown University, Washington D.C., December 14th-16th 2017)

We are glad to advise that on the website (at this link) are available the recordings of the conference titled German Classical Philosophy and Naturalismthat took place at the Georgetown University, Washington D.C., on December 14th-16th 2017.

Here the list of the speakers:

  • Frederick Neuhouser (Columbia University): Spirit, Nature, and Life in Rousseau and Hegel
  • Stefan Bird-Pollan (University of Kentucky): Kant’s Concept of a Final End as the Final Step toward a Non-Reductive Naturalism
  • James Callahan (Emory University): From Matter to Caterpillar: Vitalism as a Solution for Kant and a Problem for Schelling
  • Thomas Khurana (University of Essex): Living by Recognition. Hegel on the Second Personal Character of the Human Life Form
  • Italo Testa (University of Parma): Habitual Action and the Natural Conditions of Agency
  • Shaun Gallagher (University of Memphis): Naturalizing Recognition: Fichte, Hegel and Enactivist Interventions in Critical Theory
  • Gerad Gentry (University of South Carolina and Yale University): Two Critiques of German Idealism: Reframing the Point of Transition from Kant to Idealism
  • Antón Barba-Kay (Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.): The Recurrence of Alienation in the Nature of Idealism
  • Gene Flenaday (University of Warwick): Normativity in Nature: Hegel’s Argument against the Indifference of Causal and Normative Explanation
  • Richard Eldridge (Swarthmore College): Becoming Who One is: Self-Consciousness, Stance, and Literary Art in Hegel, Lukacs and Adorno
  • Karen Ng (Vanderbilt University): Life as Ground: Hegel’s Critique of Judgment
  • Guido Seddone (Georgetown University and University of Parma): The Truth of Life: Hegel on Mind-Life Continuity
  • Andrew Werner (Yale University): The Organic and the Logical
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