Lecture: Taylor Carman, “What Did Heidegger Think Metaphysics Was?” (Padova, 16th June 2014)

We are pleased to announce a lecture by Taylor Carman (Barnard College, Columbia University, New York) entitled What Did Heidegger Think Metaphysics Was?. Taylor Carman will be speaking on Monday 16th June 2014 (16 p.m.) at Padova University (Dipartimento FISPPA, Sala delle Edicole).

The abstract of the lecture:

What Did Heidegger Think Metaphysics Was?

Until the late 1930s “metaphysics” was, in Heidegger’s vocabulary, a word synonymous with “philosophy.” At some point just before or during World War II it took on a narrower meaning, referring to a particular kind of thinking – beginning with Plato and ending with Nietzsche – that rests on a sharp distinction between whatness (essentia) and thatness (existentia). The change in Heidegger’s terminology brought with it a new substantive thesis, namely, that metaphysical thinking is constitutionally incapable of grasping the question of being. I shall try to elucidate and defend that thesis.



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