HPD – Padova Hegel Lectures 2020: Paul Kottman: “Can Hegel’s Philosophy of Art help us to understand Contemporary Visual Culture?” (Lecture on Zoom, April 19th, 2021)

In order to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Hegel’s birth, hegelpd has launched the Padova Hegel Lectures: a series of lectures given by international Hegel scholars, aimed at exploring Hegelian philosophy as a whole, investigating its main insights as well as its relevance for contemporary concerns.

We are very glad to announce that the next lecture will be given by Paul Kottman (New School for Social Research). The title of the Lecture is Can Hegel’s Philosophy of Art help us to understand Contemporary Visual Culture?

The lecture will take place on Zoom on April 19th, 2021, at 17:30 (GMT+2). To sign up, please email for the Zoom link.


Hegel’s exclusion of touch (and taste and smell) from the purview of fine art, which limits itself to the “theoretical senses” of sight and hearing, need not mean that touch is not theoretical. Instead it could mean that the theoretical significance of touch cannot be grasped artistically; and that is a lesson which art, exclusively, teaches. Read this way, Hegel’s philosophy of art offers unique resources for a critique of our contemporary visual culture and its obliviousness to the moral and theoretical implications of how human beings are touched, or touch one another.


You can watch the first four lectures on our youtube channel:


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