Conference: Organisation as a Theoretical Principle for the Life Sciences (Paris, September 27th-29th)

We are happy to announce a three-day conference will be held in Paris at the IHPST (Salle de conferences, 2nd floor, 13 rue du Four) from September 27th to September 29th, 2017.

The congress is dedicated to new perspectives in organicism and to an evaluation of the renewed role this perspective plays in current biology and evolutionary theory, yet drawing on biological organicism’s heritage dating back to, among many, Leibniz and Kant.

The congress is organized by Andrea Gambarotto (Institut Supérieur de Philosophie, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium) and Matteo Mossio (IHPST, University of Paris 1 & CNRS, France).

For further information on the conference and for the conference’s program, please click here.
The program can also be found below.



Wednesday 27 September 2017

14h00-14h30:    Welcome and Introduction by Matteo Mossio (IHPST, CNRS, Paris) & Andrea Gambarotto (ISP, Université Catholique de Louvain)

Session 1
Chair: Charbel El-Hani (Institute of Biology, Federal University of Bahia)

14h30-15h30 :   Charles Wolfe (Ghent University) : “Whole – Part Relations: The Montpellier Vitalist Approach ?”
15h30-16h30 :   Georg Toepfer (Zentrum für Literatur und Kultursforschung, Berlin): “‘Organisation’ and its Relationship to Other Fundamental Biological Concepts”
16h30-17h00 :   Coffee break
17h00-18h00 :   Olivier Sartenaer (ISP, Université Catholique de Louvain): “Does organicism really need organisation?”

Thursday 28 September 2017

Session 2
Chair: Laurent Loison (IHPST, CNRS, Paris)

09h15-10h15 :   Olaf Wolkenhauer (SBI, Rostock University): “A Conceptual Framework to Investigate Tissue Organisation”
10h15-10h45 :   Coffee break
10h45-11h45 :   Ana Soto (IPP, Tufts University School of Medicine) & Maël Montévil (MSC, University of Paris 7 Diderot) : “Modeling mammary organogenesis from biological first principles: cells and organization of constraints”
11h45-12h45 :   Kepa Ruiz-Mirazo (IAS-Research, University of the Basque Country): “Searching for the principles of biological organization through a ‘systems chemistry’ approach”

12h45-14h30 :   Lunch

Session 3
Chair: Gaëlle Pontarotti (IHPST, University of Paris 1)

14h30-15h30 :   Gertrudis van der Vijver (HICO, Ghent University): “Organisation: a presupposition, a hypothesis, a principle, an Idea? On the various meanings and epistemological impact of an attitudinal stance”
15h30-16h30 :   Philippe Huneman (IHPST, CNRS, Paris): “Organisms: between a Kantian approach and an evolutionary approach”
16h30 -17h00 : Coffee break
17h00-18h00 :  Leonardo Bich (ImmunoConcEpT, University of Bordeaux): “Biological organisation, teleology and development”

Friday 29 September 2017

Session 4
Chair: Francesca Merlin (IHPST, CNRS Paris)

09h15-10h15 :   Nei Nunes-Neto (Institute of Biology, Federal University of Bahia): “Ecocentrism and ecological closure of constraints”
10h15-10h45 :   Coffee break
10h45-11h45 :   Johannes Jäger (Complexity Science Hub, Vienna) : “Structuralist perspectives on the evolution of developmental processes”
11h45-12h45 :   Argyris Arnellos (IAS-Research, University of the Basque Country) : “The body complexity thesis: organizational requirements for multicellular agency”
12h45-13h30 :  Conclusions and general discussion chaired by Matteo Mossio and Andrea Gambarotto

13h30-15h00 : Lunch

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