CFA: Hegel-Marx: “Dead Dogs” Still Live (University of Lisbon, April 9-10 2019)

We are glad to announce a call for abstracts for an upcoming conference on Hegel-Marx: “dead dogs” still live, to be held on April 9th-10th 2019, at the University of Lisbon. Here the official announcement:

Conference Hegel-Marx: “dead dogs” still live

9-10 April 2019, School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon


Keynote Speakers: Klaus Vieweg (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena); others to be announced.

The conference Hegel-Marx: “dead dogs” still live will take place between two important dates: the celebration of Karl Marx’s 200th birthday (1818-2018) and Georg W. F. Hegel’s 250th birthday (1770-2020). The purpose of the event is to create a forum for debating the work of these two authors and their complex relationship. Accordingly, the discussion will focus on Hegel’s and Marx’s texts, but also on the contributions of various interpreters and critics, in order to bring out the importance and the topicality of a central debate in the history of modern and contemporary thought.

We invite contributions related (but not limited) to the following topics and fields of study:

  • Alienation, Dialectics, Emancipation, State, Idealism, Materialism, Negativity,
  • Economy, Aesthetics, Philosophy, Literature, Politics, Religion,


Submission guidelines:

  • Abstracts must have 300 to 350 words, be written in Portuguese, English or Spanish, and include 3 to 5 keywords (papers can have more than one author; each author can only submit one paper);
  • Proposals must be sent by e-mail to, with the subject “Submissão – Colóquio Hegel-Marx”. The body of the e-mail must include the name and affiliation of the author(s), along with a brief biographical note. The abstract must be sent as an attachment, in a format compatible with Word (preferably. docx) and cannot contain any reference to the author(s).
  • All abstracts will be sent to the scientific commission and subjected to blind


Submission deadline: October 31st 2018 (11h59m p.m., Portuguese time). Date of acceptance: no longer than January 2019.

The participants will afterwards be invited to submit a final version of their papers for publication, after the approval of the scientific committee, in Philosophica, a scientific journal edited by the University of Lisbon. The publication is optional.

Scientific Committee: Adriana Veríssimo Serrão (Universidade de Lisboa / Revista Philosophica); Andreas Arndt (Universidad Humboldt Berlin); Bruce Gilbert (Bishop’s University); Enoque Feitosa (Universidad Federal de Paraíba); Gary Browning (Universidad Oxford Brookes); Guido Starosta (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes); José Miranda Justo (Universidad de Lisboa).

Organizing Committee: Bernardo Ferro (KU Leuven / IEF Coimbra); Paulo Antunes (CFUL- Praxis); Sara Vargas (CFUL-Praxis).

Sponsors: FCT, FLUL, CFUL (Grupo Praxis), IEF – FLUC.

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