Call for Papers: Analytic Philosophy Meets German Idealism

We are pleased to announce the call for papers for the volume “Analytic Philosophy Meets German Idealism”:

 Papers for the volume
“Analytic Philosophy Meets German Idealism” are presently being accepted

Deadline: 1st June 2014

Analytic Philosophy Meets German Idealism

The project aims at presenting two lines of research. We invite papers discussing new reconstructions of central authors of German Idealism using the recent tools of analytic philosophy. Furthermore, we invite papers which discuss a systematic question by debating central arguments developed in German Idealism (which may involve a carefully developed but critical stance towards them).

Please note that the thematic focus is only relevant for original papers, not for the reviews. Furthermore, contributions on other themes found in the classical works of philosophy are welcome at any time, because we will also produce mixed volumes. The languages of publication are English and German. All papers have to be prepared for peer-review double blind refereeing. Electronic submissions are preferred.

Guidelines for submission:

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